Create Gmail Account

This article explains how to create a Gmail account.  Creating your own Gmail is quick and free. It will only take a few minutes plus it is super easy to transfer contacts and emails from your existing email account.


Creating A Gmail Account

  • In order to Sign Up/Create a new Gmail account, click on the link below:
  • Click on create an account, fill out the information asked there such as first name, last name, password, date of birth, gender, mobile number, captcha and location (those are mandatory) By the way, you need to be older than 13 years old in order to create an account.
  • A page will be shown after entering all the mandatory details and captcha characters. Make sure of not entering incorrect details to avoid errors. If everything is correct then you will proceed to having successfully created your Gmail account.
  • Once account is created, you can login to your Gmail account by using the username and password you chose in the registration process. Click HERE to learn how to Login/Sign In.
  • Gmail will send you a confirmation email stating that you created your account etc to your newly created Gmail email account.

If you experience any issues please post on the comment section below and I will be glad to help you out.


107 thoughts on “Create Gmail Account

  1. I have mistake all profile same pass ward please
    Allow my email open



  2. I also want to have a gmail account. Then I will also have fun and communicate with others. The ones who have it they must be too lucky to say so. Anyway this information was useful to me.

  3. i need a email account most of my friends have one and then i can email all of my friends.more than half of the fourth grade has an email account

  4. I would like to create a new account for the Church as it appears above.
    The Church does not have an e-mail address so I would like to create one.
    I am the Church Secretary of that congregation so I would like to create one account. Please assist.

    Sincerely yours,
    Duncan Henry Sisya.

  5. i want to recover my gmail,Please retrieve it for me cos i really need it and it is very useful to use.thank you and God bless

  6. i want to see the all informations by using this email account. i am a new email accounter and i do no about this email.

  7. i am unable to create my gmail account please help me out. when ever i create it gives message that no emai exit with the name.thanx

  8. i want to see the all informations by using this email account. i am a new email account and i do no about this email.

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