Gmail Login | Gmail Account Sign In Help

Are you trying to login to your Gmail account, but cant? I will show you how to do it in a few simple steps.

1. First, go to You should see a page like the picture below:

That is the Gmail frontpage

2. Type your email username at username field

3. Type your password at password field (You have to make sure you are typing the correct password and mistakenly caps lock is not on!)

4. Press Enter on your keyboard or you can also click Sign in button on the page

5. If you typed your username and password correctly, then you will have successfully logged in to your Gmail account.

6. If you believe you typed in your password and username correctly or not just click on Read my next article on how to recover your Gmail account. Click here 

How to Recover your Gmail Account


131 Responses to Gmail Login | Gmail Account Sign In Help

  1. janet Vineyard

    I can not log into my account.

    • Sam Chetty

      Hello. Please try an help. My email account does allow me any excess. What could be the problem. Its its invalid password. Can u please help. My cell number is 074 950 1539.

      • lucy

        Hi there

        if you dont have another email account try and make a nother
        and after you have done that go back to the one that u are trying to log in to
        and click forgotten password
        then it should come up with send to ur other email then type in the one you just made or your friends email and then it should send you ur password to you

        i hoped this helped you !!

        • hisham

          i cannot open your password.


      log in gmail account

    • adittya mrong

      i did not get my account …………….


    I cannot log into my account on my computer or phone, Please help.

    • grwefgy boumif

      cant help

  3. Barbara. Duggan

    I can not sign in

    • shifa

      sign with the email address and secure password

      • AVID SAIFI

        HYE SHIFA

  4. Trish freshwater

    I got email saying I need to change my password now it doesnt work

    • Trish freshwater

      You ask me to change my email password now nothing works

  5. alan yates

    cant find sign in

  6. salim saeed


  7. salim saeed


    • elvis

      Now and before 1 year t mobile have problem with connecting google is good but is always big problem and nobody not help me for this



  9. bhupendra kumar


  10. adnane

    i cant open my account because of someone here

  11. priscilla beryl aboce

    hmmmm nothing i can say bt just stay cool





  14. Felicia Viglo

    I can’t log in to my account.

  15. Ramdas Bodke

    Please help me i cant find my mails

  16. Jahangir Mqsood

    I cant login to my accfount hel me pls

  17. Jahangir Mqsood

    I cant login to my account pls help me plsss

  18. Lazarus Nawa

    please help,I cannot recover my account

  19. vijayalakshmi

    my mail id is not letting me to log in

    • benduharish

      your id letting.sign gmail


    i cant sign into my gmail account . pla help


    i cant sign in to account

    • shahwali


  22. jigz

    why am not login my id ? plz do something

  23. malefu mirriam mapokgola

    my phone is lost and i think my account is hacked, l need a new password. My new number is 078 592 7131

  24. anil dhanda

    why i can my gmail account plz help me

  25. Ajeet kumar

    My account is not opening, please help me.

    Ajeet kumar

    • Milestone

      Hay guys no need to worry we are all locked in the same way. No access. But let’s keep trying we might have some access. Like 2 days ago I really had to try and eventually went thru. If wanna recover data talk to me. Data from your stotrage devices not internet sites. call me on the my email. gud night. peace


    i can’t loggin on my account and i don’t know why so anyone can help me

  27. Etum tonny

    i have totally failed to login my gmail account

  28. Karen Casley

    I am trying to set up my gmail on a different phone as we are in a different
    Country and the new no is 7028174490. Can you send me my password on this no
    Thank you

  29. alex mejia

    I can’t log in to my gmail account…

  30. febriansyah

    i can’t log in my gmail account

  31. febriansyah

    im forget my password

  32. Eric

    I can’t log into my account

  33. arunsangeetha

    sign a gmail

    • benduharish

      Hi how r u?sign in

      • sangana kapoor

        Iam fine thanks by the way how are you

    • shahwali

      my gmail prablm

  34. temkhosi tsabedze

    plz help, cnt login to my account!

  35. navy

    my account cannot sign up

  36. navy

    Pls help….

  37. raju gautam

    mera acount nhi khul rga h confrimation cod mag rha h plz help me my m. No. 8285156104

  38. peter

    whats wrong with this fucking gmail? i cannot login and am expecting a very important mail???????????????????????????? nkt

  39. Kgaugelo

    Cnt login.. Wat is goin on. Watsup wit gmail. Dis is borin,cause am expecting a very important email… Cum on guys

  40. nilesh malviya

    nic very very pic lovely fhe he do that that we dont knoe


    do not open my email

  42. dominique

    so angery with my gmail

  43. Akata Moses

    I can’t log into my Gmail account, frustrating, need to recover and gain access. Kindly facilitate.

  44. Inghepa Abiud

    Why I cannot login into my account?

  45. praveen tiwari

    why cannot login into my account

  46. agnes kwedhi

    why ican not log into my account?

  47. sanelisiwe

    i cnt logng on ma accnt wats going on i need help please make it fast . there a work i want to complete it and i submit it tomorrow so plz .and i yhave no where 2 go and find thi information than loging in here

  48. sanelisiwe

    am still wating please dont take 2 long

  49. c.j. haycraft

    can not do any with my gmail NEED ACCESS!!!!!!!

  50. shelia rogers

    g mail needs to come up with a better way for people to get there mail I cant fin. setting up my computer

  51. Naveen

    I forget ma password plz help mi out ???

  52. maricela garcia

    Need to cancel a facebook account that has the same name but dont know how

  53. Davd

    I can not find where to sign in . Why are you making it so hard?

  54. suraj kumar baranwal

    my gmaiaccount is not open plz solved it



  56. bimal sarkar

    my gmail id is not open plz help me

    • Hasan Shad

      my g mail is not open plz help me

  57. yadavsesupal

    my facebook isnot open and forget my passward my

  58. ananda vithana

    unable to login

  59. vardhan

    i forget my password for fb

  60. Olajide ojo

    please i cant access my gmail account from my computer again, kindly help me out now.

  61. Dela kumordzi

    my account can not open

  62. pinky manna

    my gmail account is not open. plz. help me

  63. rajan

    I want new acont

  64. Bushra

    How I open my account .plz help

  65. Pieter Vosloo

    My g-mail has totally vanished from my computer. Need help urgently please. Was still working this morning.

  66. mahlatse

    I cant open my account

  67. richard e olson

    great help

  68. ruth clarke

    I got a warning email…account trying to be hacked into…. and changed my password, however I forgot new password and NOW am stuck trying to open email. As the above address is also business I cannot retrieve any account statements, this is more than frustrating. In the interim I opened a new email address, just to correspond with friends and family members.Please help I WANT MY OLD EMAIL ADDRESS BACK PLS
    Regards R Clarke

  69. jonas ntholi

    my email account it cannot open in my computer plz help my nember is 0731025964

  70. Cuauhtemoc Romero Madrid

    I can not Access my account, send me an alternative and anchievement but try not to.

  71. balram

    i cant sign in my acount

  72. sandeep sahu

    How I open my account .plz help…………

  73. Bhughey

    I was told to change my password. As soon as i do I cant log in fast enough and it tells me wrong password over and over. It still doesnt work but if this has happened to you . Check your computer you WILL have a bad spyware problem. It will soon shut down your programs and kill your computer so check it out.

  74. norest juliasse oofice

    I can not access my account on gmail,please send me an answer,and anchievement but try not to.

  75. sami

    sir i can’t access to my g.mail account cuase my google page doesn’t open gmail sign in page.plz some one hlp me

  76. hanumantharaju r

    please open my account

  77. p.venkateswarlu

    hi sir why are not appearing g mail account

  78. lynn pugh

    i got a new phone and want to change the email address to mine instead of the one that was using the phone before me. When i send out an email from my phone it has my daughters address instead of mine. How can i put mine in so i get my emails

  79. subrata koley

    how i open my account?

  80. giri

    I can not acces my account

  81. chandan

    how i will stop enter coad in my ac,when i open my gmail ac any computer always need coad or coad come to my i will stop this

  82. Raja

    Hi All
    Good Morning…
    Have a nice day…

  83. vvv

    how i open my account?


    how change password,because I forgot my password/////

  85. jitendra behera

    i have forgotten my password


    How can i solve security Error. the system show the security certificate problem. please help me for solving this problem.
    Thank You.

  87. sachini

    i do not know send e mails


    I can not acces my my account help me

  89. Çetin

    I want to send firstg mail message to my friend please assist me howto start.

  90. yogesh kumar

    Sir i forget my passward due to that problem i could not open my mail please send my passward on my mobile number+919891923853


    open my mail details as per email address

  92. vishwa

    please message for only girls

  93. usha

    pls help to login my id

  94. herald maikano

    hi guys gmail is fun i love gmail

    • tumomakepe

      yes gmail is fun i also love it



  96. yasith nilanjana


  97. malik


  98. M.Umair





    cant get into gmail

  101. ramon

    no puedo abrir mi correo digamen como lo abro me urge

  102. RAJA


  103. Kemverlie Eco


    • Kemverlie Eco

      good afternoon. i forgot my password i need some help.Thank YOU


    I could not open email account due to confuse of my password.It must be either one or two that is sure but the gmail didnot accept is my comment on it.

  105. Manas Dhatrawal


  106. byansi henru

    i want my page open

  107. umeshsingh

    cant sign in my account

  108. umeshsingh

    help cant sign in

  109. Ndapunikwa Shipahu

    I want to sign in my gmail account

  110. savaira matakiloto

    I need a Gmail account

  111. manoj

    totally faild

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