How to Recover your Gmail Account

How-To Recover Your Gmail Account

I guess it safe to assume that you already went to and tried to log in using your username and password, but couldn’t because either the username or the password seems to be wrong.  Listed below are various options which could help you in recovering your account.

If your password is the problem, click on the “Can’t access your account?” link and choose the “I don’t know my password” option which will direct you to a page with up to three recovery options:

  1. Get a verification code sent to your mobile device.
  2. Request a password reset e-mail to be sent to your recovery account.
  3. Answer your security question and perform an on-line password reset.
  4. Proceed to the Account Recovery Form. Look for a “Verify your identity” link if the other options don’t work.

If you are told the account does not exist, it may have been deleted by a hacker or you might have typed the wrong username. You might try to recover the account by using the Account Recovery Form:

Forgot the account name?, (which is probably the reason why Gmail tells you the account does not exist in the first place), just use the “Can’t access your account?” link and choose the “I don’t know my username” option:

If Gmail tells you to enter a mobile number to receive a SMS code, below is a link in which you would need to follow the process described there:

If you see: “Lockout (Sector 4)”,its an error that indicates that the account might be compromise. The account should automatically unlock itself in 24 hours or less.

If you see “Temporary Error (502)” or 500, do not worry, its just an internal error from Gmail’s part and should be fixed soon.

If you see any message about account “maintenance”, its just that Gmail is performing server maintenance and it takes 24 hours or less:

If you see any messages about being underage, Gmail believes you are too young to own a Gmail account (13 years or younger):

If you see any message about your account being “Disabled” or “Suspended”, It means that you might have committed some abuse, violation of the Terms of Service, or it might just be a compromised account. Just follow any instruction given by Gmail or the links they give you when you try signing in:

If you see an error that is not listed above, check out the link below which contains all possible errors that Gmail might show:

If you still do not know what to do, Gmail has an article that could help you out. You can also use it to walk through the process of account recovery.

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  1. I cannot access my email, I created it a while ago and had not used it and only used it once or twice and then forgot my password so cannot access it , can you reset it for me and then I can make a new password.

    You can contact me at to let me know how we can resolve this.

    1. will you please contact me at my cell phone +62816624032 (indonesia), so i can create a new one. thank you very much.

    2. someone stoll library movies i borrowed, took six monthe to afford to pay for all the movies, during that six months i was denied access of usage to library computers. IN THAT TIME I FORGOT MY PASSWORD , RECOVERY PAGE ASKED FOR MY PASSWORD , TO RETRIEV MY PASSWORD, WHAT?! AND ASKED ME THE DATE OF MONTH , DAY AND YEAR I OPENED THE ACCOUNT, AGAIN WHAT?! CAN I JUST OPEN ANOTHER ACCOUNT TO ACCESS MY OLD ACCOUNT EASIER??? HAY TRINITY, HELP ME…

  2. dear sir i live in iran and for the past 3 months i have tried to access to my account but i can not even open home page.always a message comes that the connection is untrusted . please let me know how can i access my e mail

    1. my email user account is not valid .it shows enter a valid email username. But i wrote it correctly. Plse help me.

    1. I am asked , again and again, to fill in my e-mail + password.
      The moment i get off my gmail account, i need to fill it again, although i marked “keep me connected ” [or so] positively . It’s really annoying !!!
      It wasn’t so a few weeks ago.

    1. Please never mind! I am so angry with gmail right now! I have had nothing but trouble since almost day one! This is at least the fourth time that this has happened!!!!

  3. I set up a second gmail account and now I am unable to log into my original account. It does not stop at the log-in page to allow me to enter my username/password: it just automatically goes to the new, second account. Please help! I think I have tried everything.

    I am still able to get into the original account on a different computer. ????

    1. I created a second account for writing a blog. Now, I cannot log into original account. The system takes me right to the second account and does not give me the option to sign into the original account. I need both accounts.

  4. I changed my password on my gmail acct & now I can’t log into my gmail from my iPhone, when I try to it tells me my password or username is incorrect.. I’ve tried it over & over & nothing works.. I even deleted my gmail off my phone & tried reinstalling it with out success.. Any ideas??

  5. Sir,
    Can,t access my account last week . Rqst. recover same by priority. with a lot of Thanks

  6. I am using a software which uses only dt 1-1-2000 but gmail account not opening if the date is 1-1-2000 not changing date how to open solution plz help me

  7. this is the second time I have had trouble signing in to my g-mail account! I have the same password that I’ve had since January! Do I need to come up with a new Password or something? Can someone help me out here?!!!

  8. I am able to use my gmauil from my I Phone and my I Pad but not from my laptop. This just happened within the last 2 weeks. I have had a family member try to log in for me from their computer and they have no problems with the user name or password. This is becoming a big problem as I need to be able to access my gmail and the history. Please advise me of whqat I need to do.

  9. I set up a second Gmail account and now I am unable to log in to my original account it does not stop at the login page to allow me to enter my username /password. It just automaticatly goes to the new second account please help me .I thing everything please help

  10. Hi,

    I created my gmail account 2years ago and connot remember my password?

    Please could kindly reset it

    Ps. I tried the password recovery page but no use!

    Thanks a mil

  11. I cannot get this account to register on my iPhone or be active on my laptop..can you help? Regards..Lori

  12. I have an alternate email address
    Since I created another gmail address with a different name, and not using my PC (currently being serviced)but my old laptop, I am unable to access emails from my gmail account

  13. can no longer access my gmail account,is showing untrusted application each time i try to access my account,pls what should i do

  14. Cannot access my account I switched, from samsung3 to a samsung4 will allow me on old phone not new one please help I have user name an password correct.

  15. hi there i cant open my emails forgot my password now account has been disabled
    was trying to open with my code which i received via text message, can u please help me to recover my account.

    thanking you in advance
    your faithfully
    mr gregory fraser

  16. Hi!! I can’t access my gmail account. It keeps telling me password incorrect. I can be contacted at

  17. This website truly has all of the information and facts I wanted concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

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